Skills I Learned
Strategic Planning & Decision Making
Market Research
Cold Calling
Historical Price Analysis
Non-Disclosure Agreements
Supplier Interactions, Meetings, & Visits
Various Boeing Proprietary Programs
Skills I Learned
Data Acquisition, Analysis, & Report
Liquid Nitrogen Handling
Academic Research Writing
PCB Design, Assembly, & Testing
Programming (Python)
Simulation (Gazebo)
CAD (Siemens NX)
Skills I Learned
Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)
Prototyping & Manufacturing
Strategic Analysis & Decision Making
Mechanical Design & Engineering
Medical Procedure Technology
Skills I Learned
Effective Listening & Communication
Servant Leadership
Customer Service
Lifeguarding & Ocean Rescue
Instructional Teaching
Independence & Responsibility
Organization & Punctuality
Rapid Adaptability
June '22 - September '22
El Segundo, CA
The Boeing Company
Supplier Management Intern
What is a physics major doing in supply chain? I have interests that reach into both physics and business, and supply chain is a deep, complex beast of a problem that I want to have experience solving. Handling the supply chain of a large satellite company expanding into a new market during a resource shortage made every day interesting and challenging, and I brought passion and dedication into work every day.
January '22 - Present
Santa Barbara, CA
UCSB Experimental Cosmology Group
Undergraduate Researcher
Researching space through physics, mechanical and electrical engineering, programming, simulations, and a NASA Artemis competition? Sign me up. I get to combine my passions for physics and engineering, and expand my knowledge every day working hands-on in the lab. And I know the work I am doing will allow rovers to survive longer missions on the Moon.
August '19 - September '19
Laguna Hills, CA
Sonendo, Inc.
Mechanical Engineering Intern
Even before I knew I wanted to pursue physics, I was also always interested in mechanical engineering. I decided to find an internship opportunity which would allow me to live the life of a mechanical engineer, while also experiencing a "startup culture." New companies always have unique problems to understand and solve, and I best understand things when I am engaged hands-on in those problems.
June '16 - August '19
Avalon, CA
Camp Emerald Bay, BSA
Being a Ranger meant being a part-time tour guide, part-time liaison between guests and staff, and part-time maintenance crew. Every day was packed with jobs and activities, and every week was different. But the most valuable takeaway was being able to meet and learn from thousands of people around the world. So when you ask me why I spent three months every year for four years getting sunburned on a desert island... I wouldn't trade it for anything else.
Work Experience
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Boeing Space & Launch
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