Just kidding. This isn't a résumé.

But I've realized that many aspects of my personal life translate directly to my work habits.

So, in a way, this is a more accurate representation of my professional performance
than what my résumé will show.


When you're on that rock, with no harness, it's all about finding the most efficient route to get to the top. I'm constantly evaluating hand and foot placements and making technical decisions. It's a great way to work both my brain and body.
Additive Manufacturing

Can't find that part I need? Want a product that doesn't exist? I'll just 3D print it! Make a pendulum swing smoothly to measure the acceleration of gravity. Attach an AirTag so my bike won't get stolen again. Print a stylish sunglasses frame!
App Development

Our lives revolve around mobile applications. And there are endless possibilities for new apps that solve problems. I wanted the ability to create them, so I learned how to design and code apps through CodePath.

The only YouTube videos I would watch as a kid were about physics. Now, I am a physics major because I want to further explore how the world fundamentally works. We can never ignore it, so might as well understand it.

The process of self-learning a skill or program allows me to develop practical capabilities while training myself to be consistent. I've taught myself SolidWorks, Fusion 360, Python, LaTeX, Adobe Premiere, Blender, and this website design!

Compared to my main educational background in physics, the world of business is so vastly disparate. So I am fully embracing the challenges of starting a new company, because there are many intricate unknowns to uncover, master, and apply.

A 0.300 batting average is considered exceptional, which means the best baseball players still fail 70% of the time. I love playing and watching baseball because the challenge to play through failure and be productive keeps the game interesting.
Time Management

Throughout high school, organization and efficiency were never really my strong suits. In college, this regret pushed me to work hard and improve my time management. Now, I purposefully sustain an intense schedule to keep me busy and productive.

Just like martial arts, the first thing you learn when you boulder is how to fall. Because you will. But in climbing, and in life, there is always room for improvement, so there's always a reason to get back up and try again.
Drone Pilot

One of my earliest attempts at inventing a product was bird-like wings for humans to fly. It's still a goal to fly like a bird, along with skydiving and flying a helicopter. But, for now, capturing the world through my DJI drone camera will have to do.
Scuba Diving

Going diving is like being transported to an entirely new planet, with the ability to fly. There are so many plants and wildlife to discover and explore. Despite the unceasing threat of running out of air, scuba diving is one of my most relaxing hobbies.

There's something cool about participating in this global treasure hunt, hidden in plain sight. The journey to find the geocache is rewarding. Moreover, many geocaches have led me to discover and learn about incredible hidden places.